A Collection of Children’s Short Stories

Ruthanne Nopson

This book is a collection of eleven short stories. One of the favorite stories of young girls is “The Magic of Snowflake,” a story about a white kitten with magical powers that arrives on a moonbeam at the home of Emma. Aside from this story, there are more stories that you can read and learn a lot of morals from each character. Something that all ages can enjoy reading!


Ruthanne Nopson

In the late summer of 1900, the Zimmer family, Jacob and wife Mable sailed from Germany to New York City in America. Their two daughters, Hannah age 11 and Lilly age 8 came too. Jacob wanted to start a new life and open a bakery in the city. He wanted to bake loaves of bread, cookies, cakes and pastries. Mama and the children were not sure of starting a new life in a faraway country. The family waited several weeks to be processed at Ellis Island. They had to become American citizens, learn English, American customs and the American way.

About the Author

Ruthanne Nopson was born in a small mining camp in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her father was a miner, so they were constantly on the move. To keep herself engaged when they were constantly on the move, she kept books she’d be interested in reading and discovered that books can be your best friend. She always loved reading and writing since she was a little girl.

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