A Collection of Children’s Short Stories

Ruthanne Nopson

This book is a collection of eleven short stories that has something for children ages three to young teens. “Buster Bunny’s Thanksgiving,” for instance, is a short story that young children can enjoy in which Mrs. Bunny sends Buster to the woods to harvest berries for Thanksgiving pie and gets into trouble. Another favorite is “Mila the Little Turtle,” in which Hudson receives Mila as a birthday present. Lastly, “The Magic of Snowflake” is a popular fable among young girls, wherein a white kitten with magical powers arrives on a moonbeam at the home of Emma. Aside from this story, there are more stories that you can read and learn a lot of morals from each character. Something that people of all ages will enjoy reading!


Eek and Click are two mice who live on a mousepad at Microsoft

Scratch the lonkey dog wanted to share a bone not be alone

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